mercoledì 22 giugno 2011

Rob Papen aggiorna Punch alla versione 1.0.1

Rob Papen ha rilasciato la versione 1.0.1 di Punch, il Virtual Instrument di batteria uscito poche settimane fa per Windows e Mac.

E ora abbiamo Punch 1.0.1 per voi con grande nuovi preset / groove e cool nuove funzionalità!

Le novità in questo aggiornamento (dal sito Rob Papen)
  • Drum preset manager screen, which can found in the bank manager screen, this allows you to quickly put together drum kits, and has the ability to find drum presets and to preview drum preset via right mouse button clicking.
  • Sample drag & drop into the sample file display, for the 8 sample pads.
  • Pattern midi export, via the right click menu in the pattern screen / menu in the pattern file screen.
  • Mouse scrollwheel for knobs, sliders & scroll bars, for those hosts which allows mouse scrollwheel controls.
  • Big screen mode, which is 40% bigger (selectable at back panel).
  • Greatly increased pattern playback accuracy, it’s now sample accurate.
  • Allows you to set the channel output in the mixer screen.
  • Added drum sync range , so you can sync to 1/16 , 1/8 .. notes.
  • Other small bug fixes.
  • Compatible with Mac Lion (OS-X 10.7)
  • New banks & drumpresets.
  • New cool 3rd party banks by artist Ton Driessens (Ecompositeur bank) and sound designer Matthias Sauer (

Punch è in vendita a € 149 EUR

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