mercoledì 28 marzo 2012

Plugin Alliance rilascia Noveltech Character e De-Esser Collection

Plugin Alliance rilascia Noveltech Character e De-Esser Collection by SPL.
Il primo è un maximizer che promette faville e grande semplicità d'uso, mentre il secondo promette "la fedele emulazione del miglior De-Esser analogico disponibile sul mercato".

CHARACTER™ intelligently enhances the relevant characteristics found in the source, automatically adjusting complex sets of parameters rather than only statically boosting e.g. one specific frequency region.

This revolutionary approach allows you to get to the desired results much faster – with almost instant gratification, requiring only three intuitive user parameters!

The SPL De-Esser Collection – these plugins KICK S. This plugin collection contains of 2 Analog Code plugins, emulating the best analogue De-Esser available. No other De-Esser gets the job done so easily while keeping the original vocal signal so “untouched”.

While the CLASSIC DE-ESSER is available right away we are finishing the DUAL-BAND DE-ESSER plugin right now and will add it to the installer as a FREE UPGRADE to all existing users by April 1st.

Character e SPL De-Esser Collection sono in vendita al prezzo lancio di $99 USD (prezzo di listino $149 USD) e $149 USD (prezzo di listino $199 USD) rispettivamente, fino al 4 Aprile 2012.

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