martedì 10 aprile 2012

SKnote rilascia Grasso

SKnote ha rilasciato Grasso, un plug in che lavora su saturazione e dinamica per Windows e Mac.

It is NOT a compressor, no thresholds. It is NOT an envelope shaper, no triggering.

It includes some special features like level-independent dynamics, tube-saturation stage, dynamic and level-independent pre-drive filtering, spank control and a modeled power-supply.

It is very useful to add color and dynamic control to mixes and single tracks, from subtle to extreme.

  • Tube-modeling.
  • Level-independent dynamics.
  • Level-independent dynamic filtering (on attack and decay).
  • Detailed control on tube circuits with several options.
  • “Spank” feature (post-drive dynamic response).
  • Modeled “weak” power supply (more harmonics or “sagging”).
  • Special post drive expander for great dynamics.

Grasso VST/AU, (RTAS/AAX in arrivo) è in vendita a $29.99 USD.

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