martedì 24 aprile 2012

Wouter Geukens rilasca Harvest Produce Report

Polybius aka Wouter Geukens ha rilasciato Harvest Produce Report, una collezione gratuita di patches per  Zebra, il software synthesizer by u-he.

150 Patches, modeled after memories that may or may not have taken place. An outlet to the sounds that are haunting the back of my mind. Forgotten dreams and nightmares, recalled by turning knobs on this wonderful Zebra synthesizer.

Several months ago, I was updating the “Switched On” patch library. Some patches got reworked, reflecting newly acquired sound design tricks. Whilst other patches got binned, due to being not compatible to the overal tone of sound of the patch library. After a while, a theme began seeping through, and so little was left of the old patchbank that i decided to rename my work to “Harvest Produce Report”.

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