mercoledì 29 febbraio 2012

5Pin Media rilascia MIDI Focus – Deep House Sounds

5Pin Media rilascia MIDI Focus – Deep House Sounds, una sound library con MIDI, samples e patches.

Marking the label’s second birthday 5Pin jubilantly present MIDI Focus – Deep House Sounds. Serving up a mixture of Deep and Tech House with an emphasis on flexibility guaranteed to bring a special edge and originality to your House productions.

Here at 5Pin we love our house from the good old vinyl days! With this in mind we set out to create a Deep House collection that captured the old vintage vibe but using more contemporary sounds as well as taking advantage of Multi-Sample Patches and Synth Presets driven by ever flexible state of the art MIDI.

  • 107 MIDI files spread across 24 construction kits, featuring Bass, Leads, Rhodes Chords, Piano Chords, Pads, Strings and Melodies. All of the MIDI files are clearly labelled with musical part and key information for quick and easy recognition to use with the included patches or any third party MIDI compatible sound source.
  • 45 multi-sample patches captured in pristine 24 bit audio available in Live 8 Sampler, Kontakt 3, NNXT, EXS24, Halion and SFZ formats followed by a bank of 38 Sylenth1 presets and 50 Live8 Instrument Racks complete with Macros and FX incorporated into an Ableton Live8 pack.
  • 78 Bonus WAV Loops at 123 bpm comprising 43 Drum loops (as featured in the demo), 15 music loops and 20 Soundscape & FX loops.

MIDI Focus – Deep House Sounds è in vendita da Loopmasters a £19.95 GBP.

Design a Sound rilascia EDM Factory for Sylenth1

Design a Sound rilascia EDM Factory for Sylenth1, un soundset per Sylenth1 mirato alla Dance Music..

Il concenuto è di circa 165 presets: 23 pad sounds, 18 bass sounds, 25 big-room pluck sounds e circa 100 lead / synth sounds.

EDM Factory per Sylenth1 è in vendita con una donazione minima di $14 USD.

Waveform Recordings rilascia Funk Tech sample library

Waveform Recordings ha rilasciato Funk Tech, una collezione di loops, hits e fills per produzioni deep e tech house.

Deep and dark with a hint of funk: Waveform seamlessly merge organic tribal grooves, dusty vintage workouts and deep tech beats with deep Chicago-inspired basslines, music loops, percs, tops, vox and more.

Bursting with organic warmth, fuelled by funk and driven jackin’ beats, Funk Tech sums up the ubiquitous sound of the hottest dancefloors worldwide.

  • Beat Loops – 81 track-starting beats, from classic house grooves and tribal rhythms to pumping pared-down tech.
  • Bass Loops – 46 sub-chuggers, Chicago bouncers and dark overdrivers for instant bottom-end power.
  • Music Loops – Jam-packed with re-sequenced funk guitars, quirky synths, deep chords, spacey pads, synth strings and vinyl-esque funk grooves.
  • Percussion Loops – Syncopated tribal and latin percussionisms, gritty analogue elements and circuit-bent tools for that tough tech edge.
  • Drum Fills – 21 precision programmed fills built to work with the beats straight out of the box.
  • Tops Loops – Shuffling and grainy hats and hi-end tops primed for layering.
  • Vox Loops – Warehouse wails laced in reverb and processed house vox for the 4am dancefloor.
  • FX – 55-strong archive of deep and dark beds, glitches, modulations and more.
  • Hits – Killer cut of claps, snares, kicks, hats and percussion hits for off-the-cuff beatmaking.
  • Each folder contains loops at 122, 124 and 125bpm. All samples are offered as industry-standard 24-bit Wavs.
Funk Tech è in vendita da Sounds To Sample a 39.95 EUR.

lunedì 27 febbraio 2012

Loopmasters rilascia Tech House Synths sample pack

Loopmasters rilascia Tech House Synths, una sample library con suoni di Synth and Lead.

Con oltre 650 samples a 24bit, 356 loops, 333 One Shot e 209 patches per campionatori (Reason NNXT, Halion, EXS, SFZ e Kontakt) Tech House Synth si rivela un'utilissima risorsa per tutti i producers

For Producers making Deep, Progressive, Tech or Mainroom House – Tech House Synths from Loopmasters is a fresh collection of predominantly Synth and Lead Loops and One shots which will inspire loads of new ideas for songs and remix opportunities.

Air filled, Delayed Synths, Glitched Space Chords, Side Chained Melodies, Pumping Bass Tones, Crazy Sci FI FX, Power Leads, Tech Riffs, Future Tech Lines and Punchy Melodic Hits are all included amongst the other futuristic, Techy and Groove Laden elements that are all here presented to inspire and create the hook for future dance floor smashes – get this one quick!

A selection of broken down Club Drum and Bass Loops are also presented to easily build full grooves from , and 6 construction kits are presented with this royalty free collection.

Tech House Synths è in vendita a £19.95 GBP. Disponibili separatamente le versioni WAV o Apple Loops del "Loops Pack" o "One Shots & Sampler Patches"  a £14.95 GBP e £9.95 GBP rispettivamente.

BeSound rilascia Deep Electro Volume 2

BeSound annuncia Deep Electro Volume 2, un sample pack per produzioni deep electro.

I sintetizzatori sono stati registrati attraverso il "magico" vacuum tube preamp-EQ e l'ultimo convertitore A/D Prismsound.

  • Chromatically sampled; 5 octaves.
  • 80 instruments made from 4546 samples.
  • 52 presets based on mono samples & 28 stereo presets. Some of these mono files were re-recorded in stereo through some old pure analog chorus unit.
  • Kontakt 4-5 compatible.

Deep Electro Vol. 2 è in vendita a $20 USD.

MrTheBigMan rilascia E|DRUMS S03, sample pack gratuito.

MrTheBigMan rilascia E|DRUMS S03, un sample pack gratuito.

I used the Arturia Minimoog emulation to create all of he sounds and then recorded them through my preamp before effecting the sounds in Ableton Live.

I have also added all of the hits I used when making E|Loops XL01 to the pack as well because I hadn’t released them and they are very nice indeed, made fully using the Microtonic drum synthesiser.

  • Synth Pack – 125 hits covering Kick, Snares and Percussion.
  • E|Loops Pack – 161 hits covering kicks through to Found Sounds.
  • Overall – 286 Hits @ 56.6mb.

E|DRUMS S03 è disponibile come download gratuito da MrTheBigMan.

Da Noisefactory arriva No Sylence Vol. 1 – Electro Nation, Sylenth 1 soundset

Da Noisefactory arriva No Sylence Vol. 1 – Electro Nation, un soundset per il virtual synth Sylenth1.

This pack includes 64 preset patches, which cover the most genres in electronic dance music like Electro House, Progressive House, Trance or Dubstep. The included MIDI files are ready for edits. They will help you get started and are great for inspiration.

“No Sylence Vol. 1 – Electro Nation” comes with Basses, Leads, Arps, FX and more. For your convenience, Modwheel-Modulation is cleverly pre-assigned in most of the patches to alter the sounds fast and effectively.

Again, Noisefactory puts the focus on usability and sound quality and gives you a no-brainer and allrounder package for Sylenth1.

No Sylence Vol. 1 è in vendita da Loopmasters a £19.95 GBP.

Future Loops rilascia Essential Tech House Tools 01

Future Loops rilascia Essential Tech House Tools 01, una collezione di oltre 3,600 samples pensati per  produzioni Tech House.

With over 2,70 GB, “Essential Tech House Tools 01” features Full Grooves as well as Kick Loops, Build Loops and Top Loops, to bring the user increased mixing possibilities.

Bass, FX, Synth, Pads and Vocal FX are also included and there are over 1800 Drum Hits for anyone who wishes to build their own grooves from the ground up.

“Essential Tech House Tools 01″ (WAV & REX format) è in vendita a  39.95 EUR.

Rhythmic Robot rilascia Logan

Rhythmic Robot ha rilasciato Logan, una meticolosa emulazione del famoso Logan String Melody II.

Logan samples each of the original String Melody II’s five “Preset” sounds chromatically across the keyboard, incorporating all onboard chorus and LFO effects, and adds to these features such as tube saturation, a full ADSR envelope control, further LFO control over vibrato and tremolo, amp cabinet simulation, Chorus and Phaser.

Logan features long samples at 24-bit, hand-looped to preserve the original’s characteristic cyclical sound components. The original keyboard split-point is preserved, and the Red and Blue sliders address the tones left and right of the split point respectively. Bass and Perc[ussion] sliders allow for further blending options left of the split.

Logan is Rhythmic Robot’s largest and most detailed Kontakt instrument yet, dedicated to preserving the richness of this classic instrument. The five Presets of the original have been broken out into individual Kontakt instruments, allowing the user the freedom to stack, layer and blend the sounds in ways not possible on the original.

Wave Alchemy presenta SFX Collection 02

Wave Alchemy presenta SFX Collection 02, una collezione di sound effects, cinematic trailer tools e transitional FX.

Delivering 2.1GB of stunningly produced special effects samples, SFX Collection 02 pushes the boundaries of modern sound design, combining creative digital effects processing, granular re-synthesis and intricate automation with sought after analogue synths, legendary effects devices and unique live field recordings.

Expect to find a versatile selection of twisted impacts and slams, huge risers and intense builds, sublime falls and breakdown FX as well as complex transitional elements and much more.
SFX Collection 02 is an essential tool for cutting-edge dance music production, cinematic sound design and game audio.

Producer Loops rilascia Euro House Vol 4

Producer Loops ha rilasciato Euro House Vol 4, una sample library per produzioni Euro House.

‘Euro House Vol 4′ is the next installment in this stunning series from Producer Loops which brings you another FIVE incredible Construction Kits inspired by the freshest House sounds to conquer clubs across Europe. With both commercial and underground appeal, as well as a professional feature set, this is a must-have sample library for any serious House producer.

Combining the most uplifting progressions with the highest energy, club-shaking sounds found in today’s European House music, ‘Euro House Vol 4′ is a hugely versatile multi-format Construction Kit sample library that’s set to fuel your music productions and make dancefloors shake!

Euro House Vol 4 è in vendita a £24.95 GBP.

giovedì 23 febbraio 2012

Citron Instruments presenta Aqua

Citron Instruments presenta Aqua, una collezione di pads, textures e motions per Native Instruments Kontakt.

Aqua has wide and liquid sounds, clear and ergonomic user interface, high quality and new principles of the instrument control. All of this is Aqua, the 1st element of the library.

  • Includes Pads, Textures and Motions.
  • Format: NI Kontakt 4,5 (Full Version).
  • 500 Mb (NCW Compression).
  • Flexible layering of sounds.
  • Easy and intuitive use.
  • Effects: LP and HP filters, stereo widener, reverberation.

Aqua for Kontakt è in vendita a 59 EUR (il prezzo salirà a 79 EUR con i prossimi aggiornamenti).

Synth Magic rilascia Polychrome

Synth Magic rilascia Polychrome, una sample library per Native Instruments Kontakt basata sul Farfisa Polychrome.

This Kontakt instrument based on this very rare 1970′s Synthesiser is fully programmable from the front panel just like a real Polychrome and is really simple to use.
The Polychrome is a synthesiser composed of various sections such as Percussion, Strings, Ensemble and Vocal synth. We sampled every section and added lots of new twists along the way.

The original machine has 3 vocal synth sections, but you can only select one at a time to be played. Not so with our version, all 3 vocal sections can play at the same time-It is a very beautiful sounding instrument.
We have added lots of extra features such as extra filters, lfo’s, filter envelopes and a full effects section which includes auto pans for each synth section which creates great stereo sweep effects.

Each section of the Polychrome has been sampled using high quality converters for a true authentic sound.

Polychrome per Kontakt 4 e superiore è in vendita al prezzo lancio di £15.95 GBP (prezzo di listino £24.95 GBP).

Da Sonic Elements arriva Modern Dance Volume 1

Da Sonic Elements arriva Modern Dance Volume 1, il primo di tre soundsets per il virtual instrument Sylenth1 di LennarDigital.

Ogni uscita sarà incentrata su suoni dedicati alla scena dance: Bass, Leads, Pads e Pluck sounds.

The basses are aggressive and focus on providing “vocal formants” for several patches. The leads feature a wide array of specialized sounds. The pads are evocative and perfect for layering. The plucks are ethereal and combine several tones for rich timbres.

  • 64 presets for Lennar Digital’s Sylenth1.
  • Compatible with Sylenth1 v2.2 and higher PC/Mac.
  • Modwheel and Velocity mapped on every preset.
  • 1st in a three part series.

Modern Dance Volume 1 è in vendita a $12.50 USD. Con l'acquisto è incluso un link speciale di $10 USD per l'acquisto del Volume 2 (quando verrà rilasciato).

Loopmasters rilascia Essential Percussion

Loopmasters ha rilasciato Essential Percussion, una collezione di percussioni selezionate dai migliori sample packs della Loopmasters.

Including a superb collection of influential Percussion samples from ethnic and tribal samples, through to the latest Live House styles tailored for the dancefloor – “Essential Percussion” is a must have collection for producers on a budget looking for a wide range of some of the best Percussion samples released to date.

  • 140 loops, and 60 one shot samples from Musa M’Boob Presents – Tribal Drums, Rasmus Faber – Live House Elements, Complex Indian Rhythms, Da Lata – Afro Brazil Parade Vol. 1, and Pete Lockett – World Percussion.
  • Includes 132 Percussion loops, 4 Bass Loops, 3 Bass hits, 5 FX hits, 5 Instrument Hits, 47 Drum and Percussion hits.
  • Coupon code to get 20% off the full sample packs included.

Essential Percussion è in vendita a £9.95 GBP.

martedì 21 febbraio 2012

Waves annuncia InPhase: phase correction plug-in

Waves annuncia InPhase, un phase correction plug-in per Windows e Mac.

Let’s face it: Shift happens. That’s why Waves created InPhase.

To help you restore phase coherence, InPhase features high resolution dual waveform displays; phase shift filters with adjustable frequency and Q; and an intuitive correlation meter which shows you just how much your tracks are in – or out of phase. You can move your waveforms manually or using the delay control, and even align them to an external sidechain input. InPhase includes mono, stereo, and dedicated live components, plus InPhase LT, a simplified version that gives you easy access to creative phase manipulation.

  • Dual waveform displays update in real time according to processing.
  • Phase shift filters with adjustable frequency and Q.
  • Intuitive correlation meter.
  • Align tracks to an external sidechain input.
  • Delay control to compensate for timing differences.
  • Mono, stereo and dedicated live components.
  • InPhase LT also available.

InPhase è in vendita al prezzo lancio di $99 USD (Native) / $149 USD (TDM).

Industrial Strength Records rilascia Science of Sound Vol. 1

Industrial Strength Records ha rilasciato Science of Sound Vol. 1, una collezione di suoni per  Massive, il software synth by Native Instruments.

Science of Sound is produced by Dom Sweeten – the man behind the 404Studio Virus Soundset. Now he offers you a brand new set of cutting edge patches made for Native Instruments Massive. This totally new collection is crammed with all the rich texture and raw attitude that you would expect from this talented U.K. producer.

This brilliant pack was designed from the ground up to provide you with a large collection of ear killing original sounds that are pumped up and ready to find their way into your next remix or production. Many of the patches are mod-wheel-mapped to add more expressive sound manipulation and some of the patches were also tempo synced for total control of the sound.

Science of Sound Vol. 1 è in vendita da Loopmasters a £22.95 GBP.

lunedì 20 febbraio 2012

MeldaProduction rilascia MAutoVolume e aggiorna i suoi plugs alla versione 6.00

MeldaProduction aggiorna i suoi plugs alla versione 6.00 e introduce il nuovo MAutoVolume, un plug-in per il controllo automatico del volume.

L'aggiornamento alla 6.00 porta una nuova interfaccia, utilizzo della memoria, funzioni di signal generator e altro ancora.

MAutoVolume è un plugin speciale progettato per il mix che aumenta automaticamente il volume di una traccia per raggiungere il livello desiderato. Può essere usato per portare la traccia vocal in primo piano, stabilizzare il basso e molto altro ancora. 

MAUTOVOLUME Caratteristiche
  • M/S, single channel, up to 8 channels surround processing – our plugins can handle not only mono and stereo signals, but also mono/stereo encoding, separate channels and encodings, and up to 8 channels of surround audio, which makes them ideal for audio production for movies, games etc.
  • Adjustable up-sampling 1x-16x to minimize aliasing and get an even clearer sound. Includes both minimum-phase and high-quality linear-phase algorithms.
  • Extremely advanced and easy-to-use user interface – our products are always designed to enhance the workflow. You can easily change all values, fine-tune each control in multiple ways. Easy orientation in a standardized GUI, textual editing and smooth visualization with almost unlimited zooming are standard in all of our plugins. Moreover our plugins are the world first (and still the only ones), which support resizable and stylable GUI’s.
  • MIDI controllers with MIDI learn – you can map any parameter to any MIDI controller or MIDI keyboard and control it realtime or record and automate it.
  • Very fast, optimized for SSE and SSE2 processors.
  • Fully automatable.

MAutoVolume per Windows e Mac (VST/AU) è in vendita al prezzo lancio di 20 EUR.

venerdì 17 febbraio 2012

Soundtrack Loops rilascia Andi Vasilos Deep House

Soundtrack Loops rilascia Andi Vasilos Deep House, un nuovo sample pack creato in collaborazione con il producer Andi Vasilos.

Il loop set è diviso in Basslines, Drumbeats, Pads, e Synths, per un totale di 200 loops. Deep House Tools è pensato per i generi Chillout, Deep House, e IDM. 

  • 50 Basslines 
  • 50 Drumbeats
  • 50 Pads
  • 50 Synths.

Andi Vasilos Deep House è in vendita a $24.95 USD.

Arturia aggiorna Oberheim SEM V alla v1.1

Arturia ha aggiornato Oberheim SEM V, il virtual synthesizer per Windows e Mac alla v1.1.

A giant has returned to life. Oberheim’s legendary SEM – Synthesizer Expander Module – is back for the first time as a high-end software emulation powered by Arturia’s exclusive TAE® technology.
Faithfully reproducing the warm Oberheim SEM tone, the Oberheim SEM V is also polyphonic, with a full array of innovative sonic features.
Favored by top artists and producers such as Goldfrapp, Herbie Hancock and even John Carpenter for its fatness and unique harmonic spectrum, the Oberheim sound is an absolute must have for your studio.

Novità in OBERHEIM SEM V V1.1
  • Polyphony parameter to limit the polyphony of the plugin.
  • Faster preset management.
  • 20 new factory presets from Ian Boddy.
  • 21 new factory presets from Erik Norlander.
  • 35 new factory presets from Richard Courtel.
  • 11 new factory presets from Kevin Lamb.
  • 14 new factory presets from Drew Newmann.
  • “Forward Retrigg” mode for the 8-Voice Programmer (for easy use of sequences using the Arpeggiator).
  • “Reassign” mode for the 8-Voice Programmer (like in the original one, the SEM V will first use the boards that are not gated in its voice assignment).
  • Sustain pedal is now active on all systems.
  • Improved performances on all DAWs, notably Logic and ProTools.

Oberheim SEM V per Windows e Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) è in vendita a $249 USD / 229 EUR.

giovedì 16 febbraio 2012

Plugin Alliance rilascia Maag Audio EQ4

Plugin Alliance ha rilasciato Maag Audio EQ4, un EQ a 6 bande per Windows e Mac.

The Maag Audio EQ4 can be heard on countless famous voices (Madonna, Celine Dion, Black Eyed Peas, Snoop Dogg and many more). Producers like David Reitzas, Dave Pensado and Dylan Dresdow call the EQ4 their go-to-EQ for vocals and other critical sources.

The EQ4 offers super tight low-end and the famous AIR BAND®, a ma(a)gical sweepable hi-frequency filter that goes up to 40 kHz, designed by Cliff Maag.

Maag Audio EQ4 (VST/AU/RTAS/AAX) è in vendita al prezzo lancio di $179 USD fino al 3 Marzo 2012 (prezzo di listino $229 USD).

More information:  / 

mercoledì 15 febbraio 2012

Mainroom Warehouse rilascia Mainroom Club Nights Volume 1 for Sylenth

Mainroom Warehouse rilascia Mainroom Club Nights Volume 1 for Sylenth, un soundset di 67 patches per il virtual synth Sylenth1 by LennarDigital.

  • 76 patches includes 1 Arp, 20 Basses, 1 Chord, 5 FX, 28 Leads, 4 Pads, and 8 Plucks.
  • FXB bank file and all individual fxp’s in a folder.
  • And FXP’s in folders that were used in the demos, 16 Demos in total.
  • Note: Sylenth1 v2.2.1 is required for these patches and bank to load.

Mainroom Club Nights Volume 1 for Sylenth è in vendita da Sounds To Sample a £12.90 GBP.

Da Native Instruments arriva Dark Pressure, nuova espansione per Maschine

Native Instruments ha rilasciato Dark Pressure, una nuova espansione per Maschine, creata in collaborazione con il DJ e producer Steve Lawler e Loopmasters.
Il pack contiene una selezione di suoni dance come kicks, snares, hi-hats e percussions per un totale di 42 kits con oltre 200 pattern pre-programmati.
L'espansione si integra perfettamente con qualsiasi libreria esistente di MASCHINE e contiene anche 5 progetti dimostrativi che mettono in risalto il carattere e la portata della libreria.
È inoltre disponibile una versione ridotta di DARK PRESSURE per iMASCHINE – il groove sketchpad per iPhone / iPod Touch.

Dark Pressure è in vendita a $59 USD/ 49 EUR. La versione mobile può essere acquistata su  App Store per $0.99 USD/ 0.79 EUR.

martedì 14 febbraio 2012

Samplephonics ha rilasciato Electroacoustic Shaker Percussion

Samplephonics ha rilasciato Electroacoustic Shaker Percussion, il primo samplepack della Utilities Collection, con loops e samples di live shaker percussion sapientemente manipolati per creare una vasta gamma di ritmi e textures.

Il samplepack contiene 15 sub folders e oltre 200 shaker percussion loops, tutti a 120Bpm e scaricabili in formati Apple Loops, Rex2, Acidized Wavs e Wav.

All the loops and samples are presented in their raw recorded form, with multiple mic positions and layered loops for different spatial effects, as well as in their manipulated form.
This unique collection of shaker percussion loops and samples brings new sonic dimensions and rhythmical elements to your music, and breathes life into an all digital production. You can also create some really interesting one shot sounds by chopping up the loops and using them to create new percussion!

Electroacoustic Shaker Percussion è in vendita a £9.70 GPB.

lunedì 13 febbraio 2012

Two Notes Audio Engineering aggiorna Torpedo PI-Free, cabinet simulator gratuito

Two Notes Audio Engineering ha aggiornato Torpedo PI-Free il cabinet simulation plug-in alla versione 2.0.12.

Questa versione 2.0.12 beneficia di tutti i miglioramenti e bugs corrections fatti nella linea Torpedo PI-101. 

Cambiamenti nella versione V2.0.12
  • Improved power amp simulation.
  • New optimized sample rate conversion algorithm.
  • GUI improvements.
  • Minor bugs fixed.
Torpedo PI-FREE è disponibile come download gratuito per Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS).

Future Loops rilascia Vox Dance 02

Future Loops ha rilasciato Vox Dance 02, una collezione di vocal loops per DJ’s e Dance Music Producers.

Vox Dance 02 was recorded at the club friendly tempo of 128 BPM and all files are Key labeled. Besides that, for maximum flexibility and ease-of-use, all the files in Vox Dance 02 include the lyrics in the filename.

Vocals were kept clean with pristine sound quality so that you can apply whatever effects and processing you need. They vary from from ad-libs to hooks, from sensual phrases to energetic shouts.

Vox Dance 02 is oriented towards any dance music genre: from House to Electro and Trance, to Progressive and Funky House.

Vox Dance 02 è in vendita 23.97 EUR.

Sinevibes rilascia Deep, filter effect plugin

Sinevibes ha annunciato Deep, un nuovo AudioUnit plugin per creare filter effects ritmici.

Its flexible envelope sequencer runs precisely synchronized to your DAW and modulates an ultra-steep, -48 dB/octave low-pass filter with a dense yet delicate sound. Multiple shaping and timing options, as well as an intuitive, high-contrast interface, make Deep a universal and fun-to-use tool – no matter which music style you work with.

  • Apply complex filtering patterns onto any instrument parts.
  • Re-process and mangle beat loops with perfectly matched timing.
  • Transform static, lifeless sounds into spectrally and rhythmically rich new material.

Deep for Mac (AU) is available to purchase for $19 USD.

giovedì 9 febbraio 2012

Loopmasters rilascia House Sylenth Patches, soundset per Sylenth 1

Loopmasters ha rilasciato House Sylenth Patches, un nuovo titolo della serie Patchworx per il virtual synth Sylenth 1.
Patchworx 25 comprende suoni di Basso, Drums, FX, Leads, Pads e Synth creati da John Carr per Loopmasters. 

John’s love for Electronic music led to his first release being signed by StoneBridge with recent releases on Hed Kandi, and projects with both StoneBridge and Rasmus Faber in the near future.

The 64 Sylenth Soft Synth Patches included in this pack are comprised of 21 House Bass Sounds, 2 Drum Presets, 6 FX Patches, 20 House Leads, 5 House Pads, 10 House Synth Presets – plus 64 MIDI Files.

House Sylenth Patches è in vendita a £14.95 GBP.

mercoledì 8 febbraio 2012

Aiyn Zahev Sounds rilascia Serenity, soundset per Ultra Analog

Aiyn Zahev Sounds rilascia Serenity, un soundset Ultra Analog VA-1, il software synthesizer di Applied Acoustics Systems.

  • 180 Uplifting Trance presets for AAS Ultra Analog.
  • Includes 44 Arps, 22 Atmosphere, 24 Basses, 22 Leads, 38 Pads, 14 Drums, 16 Plucks.

Serenity soundset è in vendita a $20 USD.

Da Freshly Squeezed Samples arrivano Zebra Essential Collection Volume 1 e 2

Freshly Squeezed Samples ha rilasciato Zebra Essential Collection Volume 1 e 2, 2 soundsets per il virtual synth Zebra della U-He.
I soundsets contengono 268 patches club-oriented (bassi, leads, keyboards e sequences), che coprono una vasta gamma di generi musicali.

Produced in collaboration with Dumitru Golban, Adam Szabo, Michael Kastrup, David Michael Sherlock and Toby Davy, Zebra Essential Collection Volume 1 includes 390 fully club orientated patches, covering a wide range of musical genres.

As with our other products, this soundset features a combination of new and original sounds and also recreations of popular signature sounds used by today’s top electronic dance music producers.

In collaboration with Serhiy Klimenkov, we are proud to present the second volume in our Zebra Essential Collection product range – Zebra Essential Collection Volume 2.

  • 100% royalty free.
  • 390 patches / 268 patches, sorted into well-defined categories.
  • All patches are rooted (C3) and volume normalized.
  • Sound set provided in native U-He Zebra file format for easy work flow and sequencer integration.
  • Chart and club proven patches – ready to play.
  • Careful FX usage for a straight out the box useable sound.

Zebra Essential Collection Volume 1 è in vendita al costo di £52 GBP, il Volume 2 a £42 GBP.

Delectable Records rilascia Total Tech Tops 02

Delectable Records ha rilasciato Total Tech Tops 02, una collezione di top loops.

All 8 bar loops are properly side chained using kick drums allowing them space within a mix, and can be mixed and matched giving you endless combinations ready to drop straight into your productions. Using our analog valve-state outboard hardware to bring a natural, punchy characteristic to every loop. All peaks are limited and leveled using our new custom processing then we process the loops further through our favorite and brutal Manley Massive, Stereo Tube EQ.

At a whopping 481Mb you get 300 Unique 24 Bit files included in this must have pack, including Add-ons, Percussion Loops, Drum Tops, Dance Specific Tops, Full Drums, we even included a Bonus pack with complete grooves for adding straight to your productions or for inspiration. Recorded at 128bpm all files are Tempo labeled and structured into specific folders for ease of use, perfect for grabbing on the fly!

For total usability we have provided this pack in both WAV and REX2 format and APPLE LOOPS and REX2 Format, providing you with full flexibility.

Total Tech Tops 02 è in vendita a £12.95 GBP.

Ueberschall rilascia Tech House Vol. 1

Ueberschall rilascia Tech House Vol. 1, una sample library in collaborazione con Ron Paul.

This library is created in cooperation with Ron Paul from Timetools Studios where productions like Timo Maas, Martin Buttrich, Loco Dice and many more come from.
The 10 Construction Kits represent the authentic Tech House sound of today. The product keeps 528 loops and 900 MB of pumping drums, rollin‘ basslines, moody vocals, skrewed-up synths, spacy pads and a huge collection of SFX sounds.
Tech House keeps all elements, styles & samples needed to create your own club hits. Above that the additional tagging system and the flexible Elastik 2 engine help you to navigate and combine this library with your already existing projects.

The Tech House Vol. 1 Elastik Soundbank è in vendita a 49 EUR.

martedì 7 febbraio 2012

Producer Pack rilascia #UKG Bundle

Producer Pack rilascia #UKG Bundle by Jeremy Sylvester, uno tra i più grandi produttori Garage dell'UK.

UK Garage is making a huge comeback in 2012, some say UK Garage never died in the first place and has always been there. Old skool UKG producers such as Jeremy Sylvester, Todd Edwards and Mike Delinquent have consistently produced the music over the years still adopting its original roots yet keeping it current to today’s climate.
This fantastic new UKG bundle contains five of Jeremy Sylvester’s most popular sample packs, Back to 95 vol 1, Club Ayslum Essentials, Club Asylum Pressure, Producer Sound Library and Bumpy 4×4 loops all conveniently packaged in one bundle, knocking 40% off the overall price. The pack is absolutely huge weighing in at over 1.61 GB of everything you’ll ever need to make banging, upfront UK Garage, Deep House, Classic House, Deep Tech and more.
This exclusive pack contains one-shots, drum loops, construction kits, effects, stems, vocals, basslines, synths and musical loops. The packs comes in various formats including wav, rex2, midi, appleloops and NI Maschine patches.

The #UKG Bundle by Jeremy Sylvester è in vendita a £59.95 GBP.

EternitySound rilascia Gruff, soundset per Predator

EternitySound ha rilasciato Gruff, un soundset per Predator, il software synthesizer di Rob Papen.

Rob Papen’s Predator synthesizer has been a staple in many music productions over the years, and have made a name for itself as one of the best in the business.
This legacy continues with EternitySound’s release of “Gruff”. This bank caters for all types of EDM, but has made specific provision for Dubstep, DrumnBass and Complextro.

  • 64 patches: 33 bass, 6 FX, 7 Keys, 5 Pad, and 13 Lead.
  • Includes .fxp bank file and ECS file for correct midi latching in each patch.
  • Requires Predator version 1.6.2 or higher.

Gruff for Predator è in vendita a $6.99 USD.

Loops de la Crème rilascia 909 King of the Kicks

Loops de la Crème annuncia l'uscita di 909 King of the Kicks, una collezione di casse dalla famosa Roland TR-909: comprende 20 kits e un totale di 584 samples.
Ogni kit è stato registrato secondo una specifica catena di apparecchiature, e contiene fino a 36 samples con vari settaggi per tonalità, livello, attack e decay.
Per creare i kit sono stati usati componenti hardware di qualità con l'obiettivo di riproporre il carattere originale di questa analog drum machine.

  • 20 kits are grouped in three folders:
  • kits A – NATURAL: 6 kits with subtle, efficient processing (peak-limiting, transistor reamping, Lowpass filter…)
  • kits B – UNDER CONTROL: more agressive EQ, various amounts of compression and/or harmonic saturation for controlled, versatile kicks. 6 kits.
  • kits C – FLAVOURS: 8 kits featuring different flavours of saturation and overdrive, from subtle to creamy to over the top.
  • 20 kits, 584 samples (24bit, 48khz mono WAV).
  • Total size unzipped: 52MB.

909 King of the Kicks è in vendita al prezzo lancio di 6 EUR / $7.90 USD per tutto Febbraio 2012.

9 Soundware rilascia Drum Key version 2, presets per ultrabeat

9 Soundware annuncia l'uscita di Drum Key version 2, una collezione di preset per il drum synthesizer Ultrabeat incluso in Apple Logic Pro.
Il preset pack comprende 20 patches anche se Drum Key non è un tradizionale set di suoni di percussioni. Mentre include alcune patch che hanno lo scopo di imitare timbri di batteria (in particolare casse, rullanti e charleston), il focus di Drum Key è l'esplorazione delle capacità di sintesi di Ultrabeat al di là delle applicazioni per le quali è stato progettato: ritmi complessi attraverso l'uso di LFO, morphing dei timbri basati sulla modulazione dei parametri di sintesi FM, etc etc.

Future Loops rilascia Deep House 01

Future Loops rilascia Deep House 01, una collezione di drum loops Deep House.

Ogni beat in Deep House 01 fornisce tutti i singoli elementi del groove: build loops, full loops, top loops and drum loop elements (Kicks, Hats, Snares, Clap, etc), per un totale di oltre 600 loops, nei formati WAV & REX.

Deep House 01 è in vendita a 19.95 EUR.

Black Octopus Sound rilascia Monster Kicks Volume 1 sample pack

Black Octopus Sound ha rilasciato Monster Kicks Volume 1, una collezione di 128 kick drum samples.

A monstrous library of 128 premium kicks suitable for all kinds of electronic music, these drum samples have been sculpted from the ground up and have been crafted with expert precision using refined synthesis and sampling techniques.

The bassdrums in this library have been designed to rattle club speakers and punch through the toughest mixes! Special care has been taken to ensure that the samples in this pack both sit in a track right away but also and have room for additional processing and compression. A wide range of high end analog gear and hardware has been used in the production of this pack ensuring these kicks have analog warmth and presence.

Selecting the right kick drum is essential in club and electronic music production and Monster Kicks is one secret weapon you do not want to be without!

Monster Kicks Volume 1 è in vendita a $17.99 USD.

giovedì 2 febbraio 2012

Juno Download rilascia Joey Negro’s Essential Accapellas, sample pack gratuito

Juno Download rilascia Joey Negro’s Essential Accapellas, un free album pieno di classic accapellas by Joey Negro.

Z Records and Juno are giving away an album full of classic Z Accapellas so you can lock yourself away and produce your own remixes and dj mixes.

The album contains accapella’s from legendary vocalists such as Diane Charlemagne, Taka Boom, Pete Simpson, Fonda Rae, Karla Brown, Katherine Ellis, Dave Clarke, Gerideau and more…

The album will only be available for a limited time so don’t delay, download your copy now.

Le accapellas posso essere scaricate e usate nelle vostre produzioni e remixes, ma per usarle a scopo commerciale dovrete richiedere l'autorizzazione a Z Records.

Loophunter rilascia AZ-Rotator FX, sample pack gratuito

Loophunter ha rilasciato AZ-Rotator FX, una collezione gratuita di sound fx.

I’ve always dreamed with to put some sounds over some film or animation. Past year I was recording different sounds and processing them. I imagined some images on my mind and tried to put sounds on it. I have been using this samples on my productions and gigs in the last times, now I would like to share them, so here is a pack with some of these sounds, for you use them like you want.

  • 100 fx samples, 140 MB content.
  • WAV / 32 bits / 44.1khz.
  • PC/MAC Compatible (Logic, Cubase, Reason, SonyAcid, Fruity loops, GarageBand, etc…)

AZ-Rotator FX sample pack è disponibile come download gratuito sul sito Loophunter.

Noizefield rilascia Kontakt instruments gratuiti

Noizefield ha rilasciato una collezione di Kontakt Instruments basati sui sample packs forniti per il recente remix contest Expectations.

Expectations Kontakt pack è disponibile gratuitamente sui sito Noizefield.